Louis JordanIt has been my privilege to support students in the inner city of Birmingham since 1993.

The main highlight of my work was during my stewardship and collaboration with the Coca-Cola valued youth programme in 1996. This programme offered secondary school students who were in full-time education but were considered at risk of leaving, an opportunity to reconsider and serve as tutors in local primary schools.

Miloh was established as a result of this programme and the relationships I built with parents and the community. Those parents who were concerned about their children saw the positive effect of the programme and requested further support in helping support the academic progress of their children.

From the beginning, the propounding principles of Miloh Tuition have been developing a clear focus not only on improving learning outcomes for GCSE, A level and 11+ entrance exams but also on improving learner confidence and academic skills.


--Louis Jordan
Founder Miloh Home Tutoring Services

Hand-selected tutors from a pool of current teaching staff, combined with a bespoke curriculum that is tailored to each individual student. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

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